Stacey Lehane

Hi, I’m Stacey

I’m an independent artist with an
abundance of interests and a
scarcity of spoons.

I write fiction

about queer princesses
and shapeshifters
and werewolves

Don't Wear Red by Stacey Lehane
A Princess and a Boy by Stacey Lehane
The Princess Lottery by Stacey Lehane

and I make
vector art

of peoples’ pets
and skateboarding axolotls
and bad puns 

Relaxolotl Pattern - Rose Pink
Quinn Airgon from Final Space
A chance of rain pattern - coral and cream variation
A pet portrait of Fug the cat
Queer movies don’t have to be good, they just have to exist
What the fuck is endometriosis?
Rey’s not a Mary Sue, you’re just a mouldy pile of Stephen King novels shaped like a person
Setup and payoff: avoiding audience confusion

My aim in creating art is to deliver something meticulously heartwarming – sometimes absurd but always optimistic. I like worlds where the girl gets the girl, axolotls can kickflip, and monsters are real but are mostly your bros.

Life is hard; hug a werewolf.