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Bespoke Erotica Giveaway!

Gig giveaway ahoy! This time you have a chance to win a 1000 word bespoke erotica short by yours truly 😘

To win:

Comment on this Instagram post and tell me how you stumbled across my work. Extra points will be awarded for dramatic prose.

I’ll be announcing the winner of this one on the 12th of April. Best of luck, heathens!

Win a free pet portrait by Stacey Lehane


Pet Portrait Giveaway!

To celebrate my launch of my new Fiverr account I’m doing a bit of a gig gaveaway. First up: pet portraits!

Yep, you have the chance to win your very own pet portrait by yours truly. To win:

Post a picture of the pet you’d like vectorised over on Instagram, tell me a little bit about them in the description, and tag me!

I’ll be announcing the winner of this one on the 6th of April. Good luck, friendos!

Latte Heart by Stacey Lehane

News + Short Story

Latte Heart – a m/m short is LIVE

Guess who wrote poooooooorn!

Gay werewolf coffee shop pooooooorn!

“Leon’s been crushing on one of the regulars at his cafe for an embarrassingly long time. Things come to a head when his werewolf instincts get the better of him.”

How can I get access to this masterpiece, I hear you ask breathlessly? You can go one of two routes.

1. Join my Patreon for as little as $1 a month to get access to this here piece steamy werewolf literature + all future stories.

2. Buy me a coffee on Ko-fi and drop your email in a private comment so that I may email you super secret squirrel instructions on accessing this blistering coffee shop erotica.

Thanks go out to all my friends who provided feedback and described all the ways they….ahem….enjoyed this story. I love you all.

For those who read it, I’ll ask that you drop a gif in the comments of how it made you feel.


I talk a lot about the struggles I face living with disability. I especially don’t pull punches when I describe my symptoms, mostly because if I’d seen someone do the same I would have been diagnosed years sooner.

What I’ve talked less about are the upsides to living with my conditions. Because—surprise—there are up sides.

I think I’ve been hesitant to broach this subject for fear I’ll be seen as relishing my conditions. That people will think I’m enjoying “playing the victim”. What I didn’t realise, until very recently, is how essential disability pride is, not just as a survival mechanism, but also one that allows us to thrive.

That realisation? It came from reading Say Hello by Carly Findlay.

Say Hello by Carly Findlay
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If you have endometriosis, you’re gonna be on the receiving end of a lot of bullshit. And I’m not even talking about the symptoms and surgeries. I’m talking about everyone and their dog asking you if you’ve tried yoga, or giving up bread, or getting pregnant, or putting pearls up your vag.

One of the more pernicious pieces of endo misinformation is that a hysterectomy will “cure” us. Nevermind that doctors that peddle this (major, life-changing) surgery often neglect to properly remove current endo growths, leaving them to shed and spread as normal. The studies are conclusive: a hysterectomy is no guarantee against recurrent endometriosis growth.

So. With all that said. Why the fuck am I having one?

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