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The OA: A Near Narrative Experience

This’ll contain spoilers, y’all.

So first off, I really enjoyed the ambiguity of the show as a whole in terms of unreliable narration etc etc but there were just SO VERY MANY storytelling flubs I’m surprised I didn’t end the season rocking in a corner. The most frustrating part for me was it has all the makings of a really tight, interesting story but feels like it was rushed off the line after the second draft.

So here you go, have my draft notes.

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Periods are the worst. It’s a pretty universal constant among people with uteruses. Three  to seven days out of the month, our insides decide to spring clean with the voracity of a nuclear detonation and the aesthetic of a serial killer. You plug what you can and you clean what you miss, all the while keeping the whole thing to yourself because Jerry in accounting will probably make a sexist joke and Carly will judge you because we don’t talk about such things, Sharon.

Woman being passive aggressive over the phone
I don’t know why I’m Sharon in this role-play but let’s run with it

Well fuck that. Not only has our collective silence led to half the population not understanding a fucking thing about the biology of the other half—something that goes from hilarious to horrifying when you realise these are overwhelmingly the dudes in positions of power btw—but it’s contributing to a culture that sees people with all the symptoms of serious medical conditions shrugging them off because “lol periods amirite??”.

I should know. I was one of them.

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I’m a white, thirty-something woman from inner-city Brisbane, Australia, so when I sat down with a few friends—none of whom are black, let alone American—on Friday night and queued up the first few episodes of Luke Cage, there was more than a little bit of culture shock.

From the various odes to prominent Harlem hip hop and jazz artists to name drops of historically important black activists, there were multiple moments where I felt I was outside the conversation looking in.

And I was, which is fantastic.

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Graffiti saying Together We Create


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I did a thing and it is very terrifying and exciting but mostly terrifying. Here, have some facts:

For those not sure, Patreon is a site that gives people like you the ability to pledge money to people like me so that I can write self-indulgent queer shit and pay my rent at the same time. This is awesome for a number of reasons:

  1. I won’t end up homeless and adopting stray cats under the go-between bridge*
  2. You guys get to get up close and hilariously personal with my creative process which is Very Serious and Totally Not Just Me Sculling Coffee And Crying About Gay Protagonists
  3. I finally start writing the dozen or so ideas I have for serial fiction that have been banking up in my brain like an aneurysm waiting to happen
  4. Did I mention there was going to be a lot of queer shit?

So hoist yourself up onto this crazy train, my dudes! If nothing else I’m sure to be an entertaining source of schadenfreude.

*I will instead stick to old habits and drunkenly adopt them into my apartment