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I Don’t Care If My Yes Campaigning Annoys You

My sometimes daily, sometimes weekly (and very aptly named) Daily Weekly Comic tackled the Australian marriage equality plebiscite last week. It involved talking flags and a joke meme from The Office because I’m still not 100% on drawing people and memes are the height of humour, fight me.

There were three different posts, but one, in particular, got a bit of attention.

Marriage Equality Plebiscite false equivalences
This one

I’ve had a lot of support for it; a lot of people virtually high-fiving me with likes and shares because they Get It, man. They too have had to take a big fuck-off sip of beer after someone has said something stupid.

And I’ve had the other ones.

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*

This is where I was going to describe some of the combative comments my comic received. I was going to pick apart their arguments and try to explain to you guys why us queer Yes voters are so vocal, why we’re “shoving it in your face” and getting fired up in social media comment threads. I was going to appeal to you guys, ask you to try and see it from our point of view.

But I’m just so fucking tired.

Because No vote advocates are peppering letterboxes with pamphlets detailing how gay people are paedophiles (I got one, cheers). Swastikas are being graffitied anywhere that dares fly a rainbow flag. Queer people are being assaulted for objecting to the defacement of rainbow banners.

And you — moderates, centrists, and those supposedly “indifferent” to the plebiscite — are out here wringing your hands over how, “everyone’s being so mean to each other” and, “can’t we all just calm down” and, “let’s just respect each other’s opinions“. I’m seeing people declare proudly that they WERE going to vote yes but then lefties were ANNOYING so now they’re going to stick it to them with a No vote.

Gif of Justin Timberlake staring into the camera on SNL
The cognitive dissonance required to forget that a vote on same-sex marriage impacts queer people is fucking incredible.

I’m watching people lose their fucking minds over an unsolicited text message. A. Fucking. Text message. Nevermind that other politically driven campaigns have used the same damn tactic in the past, oh no, this was a violation of PRIVACY (it wasn’t) and the Yes campaign must pay for it!

And while all this is happening, LGBTQ people are just trying not to fucking die. That’s it. That is the gay agenda.

I don’t know about anyone else, but equal rights are honestly secondary for me at this point. I’m just trying to make sure the queer community makes it through this mess, by any means necessary.  And if that means I back the Yes campaign harder and louder to try and drown out the No advocates telling our young and at-risk they’re paedophiles and monsters, so fucking be it. If that means I annoy some people enough to make them want to punish me with a No vote, SO. FUCKING. BE IT.

I’m done expecting you assholes to have even an ounce of sympathy for what the Australian LGBTQ community is going through right now. Because odds are a good lot of you just geared up to be mad at me in the comments for calling you a mean word. You know, instead of employing some basic human compassion and focusing on the second part of that damn sentence.

I’m done trying to make you understand. I’m done trying to explain to you why we’re so angry and passionate and terrified. Why we can’t be polite in the face of a campaign telling us we’re less than human. I’m done trying to explain that we’re being denied a goddamn human right. That we never wanted this fucking mess in the first place because we knew the toll it would take.

I’m done.

So go ahead and Vote no. Be sure to lie to yourself about your reasoning, after all, you’re not really upholding a homophobic law with your actions. Vote no and stick it to that leftie feminist who called you a homophobe on facebook. Vote no because “both sides are as bad as each other”.

Because whatever the outcome of this nightmare, whether you like it or not, queer people will still be here.

We’ll still be your friends and your family; your coworkers and your children. Maybe we’ll have lost some of our numbers to this farce — maybe we’ll be a little battered and broken — but we’ll still be here loving and living and making art and telling stories. And we’ll still be here for each other. For those in our community who are lost and afraid and in danger. We’ll have each other’s backs and we’ll endure you assholes because we know our later generations won’t have to.

Because we’re on the right side of history. And you’re complaining about a text message.