Eli Swann is a loner by choice, thank you very much. All that changes on Halloween night when he’s bitten by a rogue werewolf.

Suddenly he’s got a raging case of pack instincts, a shaky accord with two humans from a neighbouring pack, and no idea how he’s going to make it through the next full moon.

Oh, and the captain of the baseball team might be trying to kill him. This would sting less if Eli hadn’t had a crush on the guy since grade school.

Do you like characters who are queer? Do you also like characters who are werewolves? Have I got a serialised story for you!

Hug Your Local Werewolf by Stacey Lehane

Coming Soon is my first foray into serialised fiction: Hug Your Local Werewolf.

The first season is clocked in at 10 episodes, 11,000 words each, making this THE project I’ll be tackling this year. Each episode will be released for free on this here website.

“But how are you going to afford to eat, Stacey?” I hear you yelling worriedly from the nosebleeds.

That’s where you come in. I’m going to be monetizing this baby through Patreon. For those not aware of the wonder that is Patreon, it’s a platform where you can pledge cash money to creators on a monthly or per-creation basis. You then get fun behind-the-scenes access and other rewards for helping us artists, y’know, pay our rent and stuff.

My Patrons will be getting behind-the-scenes updates, first access to content when it’s published, sit-ins on some live-writing sessions, and other cool rewards. I’d love to have you with me too :)

Thanks go out to RosieDraconiaroseBookGeekGrrl, and Watsonimholmes who’re already pledging to this crazy train. Y’all are the best.

If you’re not in a position to pledge (#SAME) then consider following me on social media so you don’t miss me launching this bab. I’m on Instagram here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.

I’m both terrified and excited to be bringing this project to life!

Thanks, all x

PS: This one was originally slated for release in May of 2018 but that ah… didn’t work out.

Graffiti saying Together We Create


Support Me on Patreon!

I did a thing and it is very terrifying and exciting but mostly terrifying. Here, have some facts:

For those not sure, Patreon is a site that gives people like you the ability to pledge money to people like me so that I can write self-indulgent queer shit and pay my rent at the same time. This is awesome for a number of reasons:

  1. I won’t end up homeless and adopting stray cats under the go-between bridge*
  2. You guys get to get up close and hilariously personal with my creative process which is Very Serious and Totally Not Just Me Sculling Coffee And Crying About Gay Protagonists
  3. I finally start writing the dozen or so ideas I have for serial fiction that have been banking up in my brain like an aneurysm waiting to happen
  4. Did I mention there was going to be a lot of queer shit?

So hoist yourself up onto this crazy train, my dudes! If nothing else I’m sure to be an entertaining source of schadenfreude.

*I will instead stick to old habits and drunkenly adopt them into my apartment